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We're big believers in culture, people and teams being the key to success. That's why KLM is staffed by some of the friendliest, smartest and most capable people you're likely to meet

KLM - Marketing LTD

At KLM we specialize in B2B, allowing us to provide fast and effective results. As highly skilled telemarketers with experience in every sector including Financial Services, Utilities, Construction, Porn Art, Engineering, IT and Manufacturing, we are never phased by detail, but instead make it our goal to understand the complexities of your field, allowing us to promote your brand, product or services.

Only then do we work in partnership with your marketing and sales department, collating vital market intelligence, and developing a wish list of prospect companies. Using B2B telemarketing allows you to engage directly with prospects in your chosen field at director or senior level, and in turn facilitate your sales team to do what the do best a converting those sales appointments into real business.

So whether you are looking to raise brand awareness, promote a specific product or service, or create new business relationships, KLM can help. Each one of our telemarketing executives has over 12 years of experience, with a proven track record in creating profitable sales and marketing strategies, and resulting in an impressive 80% client retention rate.

In business, integrity is key, and so our in-depth knowledge of your brand or product, enables us to provide an informed, naturally delivered and, perhaps most importantly, unscripted outbound business-to-business telemarketing service.

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How We Can Help You

At KLM we believe compatibility is key, so prior to commencing any new project we take time to fully understand your needs, products and services and the type of companies you would like to approach to ensure that we can meet your unique requirements.

Following engagement, we work with you on an exclusive basis, developing a marketing strategy to target decision makers within your chosen markets.

Open and on-going communication is vital throughout the process, so start of day updates and end of day reports are scheduled to relay all relevant data from number of calls made to market intelligence obtained, and any relevant information gained to ensure you are targeting the right people, at the right time, with right product.

Our direct marketing campaign will:

  • help you build relationships with new customers
  • test the appeal of your product or service
  • tell you which marketing approaches reach your target market
  • provide customers with compelling content they can share with potential customers
  • increase sales